Blush Presets

  • $45.00

The Blush Presets are easy to use, one-click edits for the everyday iPhone photographer wanting their photos to pop with a hint of pink! These Lightroom mobile presets bridge the gap by giving everyone the opportunity to enhance the look of the little moments we all hold dear!



3 (Three) Lightroom CC Mobile Presets
Installation Instructions via email, video, and .pdf

    Who Is This For

    People who want quick, easy, pink-toned photos to give their social platforms a cohesive feel. These presets are intended for JPEG iPhone photos, and can also be used on unedited JPEG files from a DSLR camera on a phone.

    * For Lightroom CC Mobile ONLY
    ** Download will be delivered via email with a download link to your files
    *** Photography by Kels Malicote and Volunteer Contributors

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