Mood Music Presets

  • $45.00

The Mood Music Presets are easy to use, one-click edits for the everyday iPhone photographer wanting their photos to pop! These Lightroom mobile presets bridge the gap by giving everyone the opportunity to enhance the look of the little moments we all hold dear!



4 (Four) Lightroom CC Mobile Presets
Installation Instructions via email, video, and .pdf

    Who Is This For

    People who want quick, easy, warm, and snugly-toned photos to give their social platforms a cohesive feel. These presets are intended for JPEG iPhone photos, and can also be used on unedited JPEG files from a DSLR camera on a phone.

    * For Lightroom CC Mobile ONLY
    ** Download will be delivered via email with a download link to your files
    *** Photography by Kels Malicote and Volunteer Contributors

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